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Quail Sales

As a South Texas Quail Resource, we take great pride in selling the wildest pen raised Quail a hunter can find.  Over 25% of our Bobwhite quail survive and make it in the wild if a 12 guage or 20 guage dosen't get them first.  The Q2 Ranch Raises 40,000 Bobwhites and 5,000 Blue Quail each year. Our pens are 150 feet long giving them plenty of room to develop thier wings and strength.  A misting system is in place to assist in Weather Conditioning and Feathering, plus it gives much more of a natural habitat. Give them a try they will fly hard, and flush fast.


ISOLATION: For pen raised quail to have the natural characteristics of a wild bird human contact must be kept to a minium.  Our Quail raising facility is located in a remote area of the ranch, and birds a checked upon daily.

    BOBWHITE QUAIL                                    BLUE QUAIL

RESULTS:  Our Quail have the desire to flush and strenght to fly.  " These pen raised birds fly more like wild birds than any pen raised bird". 

NOW TAKING ORDERS FOR 2010-2011 SEASON           


  • Bobwhites 5.50 each (100 Min)
  • Bobwhites 5.25 each (500-1,000)
  • Blue Quail $7.50 each (Call for Availablity)
  • Delivery $2.75 loaded mile

* Call for pricing on orders over 1,000 fo price break


This is info about guarantee. We guarantee that any purchase will be wild and 100% flight condition.  All Quail are mature and we will not sell a quail one day early.